About St Paul’s Wahroonga

Partnership with St Andrew’s

A new partnership to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ to our area.

In 2021, under God, St Andrew’s and St Paul’s have taken the exciting step of uniting in gospel partnership (with the intention of forming a single, united parish) to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ever-changing community of Wahroonga!

St Andrew’s and St Paul’s are bound together by the grace of God show to us in Jesus Christ. The life of our church families are marked by faith, love and hope in the Lord Jesus.

We are part of the unfolding story of God fulfilling his promise to build his church, for his glory. It is a local story, by which God the creator is at work redeeming all things through the death and resurrection of his Son, our saviour Jesus. It is a cosmic story, by which God demonstrates his wisdom to the universe. It is a local story, by which God builds his church, even here in Wahroonga!

God’s faithfulness to this cause makes us thankful, prayerful and purposeful. Our purpose is to unite in partnership across our two sites, gathered in many congregations, to proclaim Jesus Christ to Wahroonga and the surrounding area. We want to build momentum toward that purpose by shaping our first 12 months of partnership around 4 deliberate seasons:

  • A season of fellowship (November – January) – establishing gospel community
  • A season of planning (February – April) – setting a course for our future
  • A season of building (May – July) – taking new steps together
  • A season of mission (August – onwards) – proclaiming Jesus to Wahroonga and beyond

Our prayer is that each season also contains aspects of the others, as we build momentum together.

Our season of fellowship starts with a return to in-person gatherings on Sunday November 7. Our plans for Sunday gatherings in November are:

  • 8 am Sunday communion service at St Paul’s
  • 9 am Tuesday communion service at St Andrew’s.
  • 10 am Sunday services running simultaneously at St Paul’s (with pre-school to year 5 programs) and St Andrew’s (with pre-school to year 9 programs)
  • 6 pm Sunday service running at St Andrew’s.

Our 8am and 10am services will continue to be streamed online at our Wahroonga Anglican Live YouTube channel.

At St Paul’s 

St Paul’s is an Anglican Church, part of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. We hold that the Bible is the inspired word of God. As a people who have received the grace of God, we are keen to proclaim the Good News of salvation that can only be found in Christ. Hence we see ourselves as a ‘lighthouse shining back into our community’. (cf Matthew 5:16)

As the Body of Christ that gathers at St Paul’s, we are keen to express our fellowship and love of God with each other and into our community. We work hard at being a ‘Welcoming Church’. This means we seek to be inclusive by providing for people with disabilities and encouraging everyone to utilise their gifts and abilities in serving the Church and wider community.

At St Paul’s we enjoy singing – all services express this enjoyment in ways that are applicable to each service.

Our History

The first church building on Pearce’s Corner, Wahroonga, was erected in 1862. The simple wooden building was replaced by a stone building in 1881 as the area became more settled. Further enlargement took place in 1900. At this time, roads were unsealed, and leadership had to be given from more settled areas such as Gordon and Willoughby. In time, the Anglican churches at Hornsby, Berowra, Waitara, Normanhurst, and St Andrew’s Wahroonga, were to develop out of the original St Paul’s church.

With growth in population, made possible by the railway, St Paul’s grew in numbers. Strong links were forged with Barker College and Abbotsleigh School. Peter Rabbit Preschool was founded and still occupies property on the church premises. To accommodate the growing attendances, the church building was extended and reoriented in the 1980s.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the history of St Paul’s, there are two publications on the history of St Paul’s Wahroonga:

You are God’s Building, A History of St Paul’s Church Wahroonga, 1862-1987 by Raymond Hobbs

A celebration of 150 years of Ministry at St Paul’s Wahroonga 2012 by Nola Lee